UV Glue Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive for Mobile Phone Screen

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UV Glue Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive for Mobile Phone Screen

UV optical liquid glue LOCA of adhesive can be used as a transparent optical materials, such as ITO film, PMMA, PC, PET, glass, electronic paper, projection screen, display, lens assembly, assembly assembly, capacitive touch screen, resistive touch screen panel, ICON, and other related electronic optical material of adhesive. These transparent isotropic without backing adhesive ensures accurate color and full display brightness, and to provide durable, high strength adhesive effect.

  • Loca glue for touch screen and lcd screen
  • Separator for broken touch panel
  • Loca glue to sticker lcd and touch panel

Note: the glue need uv light curing,and curing energy for 1.5j,and best power is 125w,and curing time is 9minutes.

Compatible with:

  • All models for Samsung
  • All models for HTC
  • All models for iPhone
  • All models for Nokia
  • All models for LG
  • All models for Sony
  • All models for Motorola

Shipping Note:

According to our global logistic service supplier requirement, we are unable to send battery or glue or liquid via air express such as DHL, UPS and Fedex etc. Only post service such as Hongkong post, Singapore post and China post are acceptable. Please be aware to choose correct shipping method when ordering. Thanks in advance.

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2 Reviews

Jul 01, 2014


As always the products supply where perfect for the jobs at hand...

Pascal Ruggeri Jun 21, 2013

excellent product and good possibility to cure glass with LCD

excellent product.
this is to cure without air between glass and LCD.
My first test was a failure because you have to prepare well your repair (measured in order to properly center the screen on the window because you will not be entitled to several tests). However, the product works perfectly and I managed to get the same result on my S8530 screen bought on parts4repair.com (without LOCA) as the original Samsung screen (black was magnificent and incredible colors). But as said in the beginning, did not take action and having off-center the screen on the window I had to throw everything in the trash ... LOL. a great experience. Parts4repair.com recommends a fairly powerful UV lamp (130W) but I tested a system for drying UV gel nails bought on Ebay € 28 with lights and AC works perfectly (just a detail: move your fingers when you hold both parties under UV light because otherwise the part which is found under your fingers remains liquid).
something else, have a paper towel next to you as much ca flows.

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