15ml T-8000 Epoxy Resin Multi Purpose Liquid Glue for Repairing Phone Screen Shell

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15ml T-8000 Epoxy Resin Multi Purpose Liquid Glue for Repairing Phone Screen Shell

T-8000 is a meet the Toys ,Point drill, all kinds of decoration, flowers, cloth, shell, jewelry, crafts and other industries special bonding adhesive, compared with other adhesives,irritant odor is small; is a single component of a new transparent solution of plastic, room temperature curing, easy to operate without re-packaging.Open the lid can be used with high flexibility, film soft, anti-vibration and waterproof.

Technical Parameters:

  • Capacity: T-8000 15ml
  • Glial: Transparent,soft plastic, Strong sticky
  • Solid content: about 38%-50%
  • After curing Hardness: 70-85T
  • Surface drying time: 3 minutes to 5 minutes or so positioning
  • Full cure time: 24-48 hours
  • Storage: Save at 10 to 28 degrees
  • Temperature range: -35 to 80 degrees
  • Concentration / viscosity: 3800mpa, s
  • Features: Not white,Not yellow,not stiff,Ultra-low odor,Low wire drawing,Curing fast.
  • Packing: 1 PCS T-8000 15ml ML glue

Applicable to:

  1. Paste adhesive can be more material on metal, glass, ceramics, stone, bamboo, cloth, leather, Shade, mobile door,ABS, nylon, sponge, film, fabric, electronic components, PE, PVC, PP and other plastic,Rubber, fiber, paper, paste mobile phone border, LCD screen and other materials have a good paste performance.
  2. You would need this glue to make them bonding together when screen is separate from bezel, or back housing case is separate from your phone.

Shipping Note:

According to our global logistic service supplier requirement, we are unable to send batteries or liquid via air express such as DHL, UPS and Fedex etc. Only post service such as Hongkong post, Singapore post and China post are acceptable. Please be aware to choose correct shipping method when ordering. Thanks in advance.


  1. Before use carefully read the product description introduction.
  2. In front of a large area, please do test a small area.
  3. Make sure that the sticky surface clean and dry.
  4. The optimum temperature should be between 18-32 degrees.
  5. The product can be directly lid on demand is evenly coated surface of the adherend.
  6. Wait 3-6minutes, and the two are aligned adhesive sticky little pressure.
  7. Put a few hours can be, 48 hours to reach the best condition.
  8. When the product is not in use, please cover the lid, avoid glue and air contact after curing.


  1. May be irritating to the skin and eyes.
  2. Use in a well-ventilated environment.
  3. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.
  4. Keep away from children store, production operations, please stay away from fire.
  5. Shelf life of 1 years, safe use of the product after the bottle.
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