BST-B-F 100W Hot Melt Mini Glue Gun with 5pcs 11mm Glue Sticks

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BST-B-F 100W Hot Melt Mini Glue Gun with 5pcs 11mm Glue Sticks

  • This article adopts the high-tech ceramic PTC thermistor is most heating element, heating up fast. PTC thermistor automatic constant temperature, the temperature reaches the design temperature of the glue guns when no longer rise, can prevent the damage caused by the heating element overheating of glue guns, save energy consumption and prolong the service life of purpose.
  • This product's electrical insulation strength no breakdown on electricity 3750 v/minutes, between 110 v and 240 v ac or dc power supply can be normal use, without being limited by the voltage fluctuation, the built-in safety fuse, use more secure


  • Toys, model
  • Artificial flowers, Christmas trees.
  • Ornaments, metal products.
  • Wood products, paper, etc.
  • Electronic circuit board.

Package: 1pcs 100w hot glue gun + 5pcs 11mm * 250mm glue sticks.

Use Method:

  • This series product can apply strip is 11 mm in diameter.
  • Insert the rubber strip from the glue gun tail, sent to the barrel, plugged in preheating 5-8 minutes, pull the trigger that can melt extrusion, and controllable resin produced.
  • In use process, if a burn a stick of gum, the glue stick don't have to take out, the next time you use can be plugged in directly using preheating 5-8 minutes.


  • The use of voltage 110-220 - v, frequency 50 to 60 hz.
  • This product is a hot glue gun, should according to the product series of the corresponding specifications of the strip, if the user USES the size or type of strip, may cause damage to the glue guns melt flow.
  • The work of melt glue gun nozzle and the molten viscose temperature is higher, the human body do not touch; Is prohibited to be used in inflammable and explosive occasions.
  • Glue guns work, not for high glue guns, gun muzzle not upward; If for 15 minutes without glue, please cut off power supply, so as to avoid damage to the rubber strip melting caused fall back glue gun.
  • Because of the glue guns with a durable material, for the first time smoking may occur when using the phenomenon, glue guns in 30 minutes, flue gas automatically eliminated.
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