Universal Polaizing OCA Film Laminating Machine Built-in Vacuum Pump for LCD Touch Screen Repair

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Built-in Vacuum Pump Universal OCA Laminating Machine Polaizing Film Machine for LCD Touch Screen Repair

This Automatic OCA Lamination machine, driven by an air compressor, has upgraded from the previous one, is universal for 110V and 220V version, bigger operating panel, increased the vacuum generator, which can stick OCA and polarized film on the glass or touch screen without changing any moulds for different products, for example, iPhone, Samsung, HTC ...

It is a vacuum laminating machine, which has the features of wide voltage, small noise, handiness, exact location. The valve behind the laminator is to control the suction of under plate. The bigger valve is, the bigger the under suction would be. And the upper suction would be smaller. So, we should open the valve half, then lock it.

Product Features:

  • Built-in a mini vacuum pump, high efficiency, work faster;
  • Simple structure and easy to operate;
  • Precise positioning, 100% qualification upon right operation;
  • No need to change the mould
  • Suitable for mobile phone screen protective film OCA Polaroid bonding, polarized film, protector film;
  • Power Supply: 110V ~ 220V 
  • Power:100W
  • Compatible with screen size: 170mm x 100mm (screen size < 7.7 inches)
  • Package Size: Machine 49cm x 25cm x 28cm
  • Package Weight: Machine about 10kg

The step of vacuum laminating machine:

  1. Plug in power at first, Then turn on the power switch.
  2. Seal up the upper and under suction plates with the tape, Using a tweezers to prick a hole on the place of the under suction plates next but one. OCA should align at the roller, and the roller is bound to press the edge line of the OCA. To ensure the suction, the place of the upper suction plate covered by OCA Should be pricked all.
  3. Fix the screw, Begin to align, turn the receiver left and align at the suction plate. The roller aligns at eh edge line of glass.
  4. Start the vacuum switch, To tear off protective film of OCA, then align the glass. Turn off the vacuum switch.
  5. To press the upper suction downwards, turn on the vacuum power switch. After the plates suck the OCA, just tear off the next protective fil,.
  6. Press the suction plate downwards again, plus it forwards, Turn off the power switch, the lamination is done.

Note: You need stick tape on the upper suction plate and under suction plate before using it. If not, it would be hard to suck the film.

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