Universal Automatic OCA Laminating Machine Polarizer Film Machine for Screen Repair Under 12"

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Universal Automatic OCA Laminating Machine Polarizer Film Machine for Screen Repair Under 12"

It is a automatic OCA film laminating machine, it can use for sticking OCA film on the glass screen under 12 inch, it also can remove OCA/ LOCA / Polarizer on LCD. By the way, the machine will work with air compressor.

The pressure Regulator back of machine is for controlling down suction plate, The bigger valve is, the stronger the under suction would be. And the upper suction would be weak. So we just adjust it to half, then lock it.

Product Parameter:

  • Power Supply: AC100V-240V
  • Power: 100W
  • Product Size: 600*310*200mm
  • Compatible with screen size: 240mm x 180mm (screen size <=12 inches)

Product Features:

  • Simple structure and easy to operate;
  • Precise positioning, 100% qualification upon right operation;
  • Suitable for mobile phone screen protective film OCA Polaroid bonding, polarized film, protector film;
  • It is Automatic model, do not need vacuum pump;
  • Better and more quickly repair LCD, improve repair efficiency, easy operation;
  • Can better fit LCD, accelerate the speed of repair to ensure the quality of repair.

Operating Steps:

  1. Connector Air Compressor, and Plug in power;
  2. Use the tape to seal the up and down side suction plate;
  3. Put the glass in suit place, side boundary of down side suction plate, middle line of roller cover the edge of the display area of glass, make a mark by pen, and that will be easy to find the same position when you do next operation;
  4. Use sharp stuff make one hole between two holes in the area which the glass covers on the down suction plate;
  5. OCA glue aligns the roller, roller must be pressed onto the edge of OCA; stab open every hole in the area which the glass covers on the up suction plate to ensure the suction;
  6. Plug into the power, connect the compressor tube, turn the power switch;
  7. Put the glass onto the same place as marked, turn on the vacuum switch, clean the glass;
  8. Tear off the protect film of the OCA, turn off the vacuum switch;
  9. Press the up suction plate down to the down suction plate, and turn on the vacuum switch;
  10. When it suctions the OCA, take the up suction plate up, and tear off another protect film softly;
  11. Press the up suction plate to the down suction plate again, turn on the start button, after that turn off start button, whole process finished.
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