UFIX iOpener Heating Bag Stick Opening Tool to Melt Adhesive for iPad Samsung Tablet -2pcs

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UFIX iOpener Heating Bag Stick Opening Tool to Melt Adhesive for iPad Samsung Tablet -2pcs

This kit is designed to service every generation of Apple iPad, but can also be used for many more devices.

As a whole, the iPad lineup has never been easy to repair. Since the second generation, all iPads have been sealed shut with copious amounts of glue, deterring many would-be repairs. Previously, the only way to open an iPad was to blast the perimeter of the tablet with a heat gun to melt the adhesive. While this method will indeed open an iPad, it is very difficult. Add that to the possible side effects of warping the LCD, melting exposed plastic components—such as the home button—and burning your fingers, and you have a recipe for a headache.

The iOpener was designed to apply the same heat as a wily heat gun, but in a much easier, safer, and more sustainable way. By using a material with a high heat capacity, the iOpener can easily transfer heat from one place to another. The iOpener is heated in a microwave, and then laid across the surface of the iPad, applying heat only where it is necessary. In this way, the iOpener has a huge advantage over the heat gun method.


  • 100% Brand New
  • Tool Type: Hand Tool,Glue-Laden opening device
  • Application: for iPad,Tablet Repair tool
  • Dimension: 26x6cm
  • Net Weight: 160g (5.64 OZ)
  • Heating Method: Microwave


  • Highest Quality, easy to use and handle
  • Specially designed to loosen glue and adhesive, which makes opening work much easier
  • Perfect substitution of heat gun
  • Microwaving iOpener for 60 seconds and apply it to device to loosen adhesive
  • iOpener will be hot after being heated, be careful when using it
  • When Using the placstic pieces, be careful not to damage the ribbon cable

How to use:

  1. Clean the microwave, prevent dirt sticking to the bag.
  2. The microwave power transferred to the most exclusive, time setting for 2 minutes, not more than 2 minutes to avoid overheating.
  3. Then put the surrounding screen, placed in 1.5 minutes, with suction cup trying to suck up a crack.
  4. Finally, use the plastic pieces insert, slowly moving to separate screen, Please refer to showing picture.
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