Touch Screen Digitizer for Microsoft Lumia 535 (for 2C Version)

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Touch Screen Digitizer for Microsoft Lumia 535(for 2C Version)

Cracked,Shattered or Borken Microsoft Lumia 535 Glass,Unresponsive to touch?

This is the replacement front glass panel and Digitizer for the Microsoft Lumia 535 (LCD NOT Includede). This part is responsible for all touch functionality of the Microsoft Lumia 535. If you recently dropped your Microsoft Lumia 535, this is the glass/digitizer combo you need to replace it with. Beware of glass without the digitizer attached as the two must be replaced simultaneously.

Note: Microsoft Lumia 535 touch screen has two versions, you can identity it by the marked blue font on showing picture. And one version is "2C", the other is "2S", The item is "2C".

Often Corrects the Following Problems:

  • Cracked,Scratched,Broken or shattered Glass
  • Unresponsive to touch

Compatible with:

Microsoft Lumia 535 (2C Version)

How to tell which Screen part you need for Microsoft Lumia 535:

  • LCD Only:If the image under the glass is broken and the touch pancel is NOT then you only need an LCD
  • Touch Panel aka Digitizer:If the top touch panel or aka glass top is cracked or broken but the image under it is fine,then you only need the Touch Panel
  • Complete Screen with Touch Panel and LCD:If the top touch panel is broken and the lcd image is either black liquid or cracked you need a complete screen
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2 Reviews

May 22, 2016

Super quality

It arrives Turkey in 2 weeks and it works perfectly. Package is awesome as always and there was an extra adhesive. I eally recommend it, you will see the product's quality.

Bill Feb 23, 2016

Works great but no adhesive

I shattered the glass on my phone rendering it useless. This screen was cheap so I decided to give this a try. For the Lumia 535 I needed a very small torx screwdriver to disassemble properly. Removing the old glass was probably the most difficult part as the adhesive is very strong and the glass one my screen had been shattered.

To get around the shattered glass issue, I placed tape on the screen and slowly scraped the shards of glass away along with the factory applied adhesive. The tape managed to catch most of the glass pieces. The first time I tried it without the tape, pieces of glass shot everywhere so be careful!

New screen arrived in less than a month and plugged right in with no problems and fit properly. The only problem was the new screen had no adhesive on it so I had had to buy some double sided tape to hold it in place. A lot of finicky work to be honest but far better than paying 100+ euros for another yet another new phone.

The accuracy of the new screen is perfect as well and actually seems to work a bit better than the original version (something people have complained about with the 535 series).

If I were to break the glass on another phone again, I'd give this place a try again .

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