Semi-Auto 7 inch LCD and Touch Screen Separator Machine

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Semi Auto 7inch and under size of LCD Screen and Touch Screen Separator Machine, Built-in Vacuum Pump, Separating Assembly, Spliting LCD Touch Screen Glass

It is easy to separate cellphone 7 inch and under size of LCD screen glass. it comes with built-in vacuum pump and the operation is simple without breaking off steel wire or damaging screen. It would be more convenient and effective for repairman who have a large quantity screen to separate.

Product Features:

  • With Vacuum Absorption function to hold LCD screen firmly
  • Special design motors to ensure long time operation without overheating.
  • Good temperature control devices to ensure constant temperature heating. The temperature can be stabilized at a fixed value of ± 5 ℃
  • Accuracy can be adjusted to 0.01mm by micrometer.
  • Can be set cutting speed accurately by cutting frequency which controlled by time.
  • Safety power system inside to avoid the electric leakage problem.
  • Easy installation and simple operation.
  • Work for 7 inch or under size of mobile phone screen

Product Parameter:

  • Voltage:  AC110V or 220V optional
  • Device Power:  350W
  • Micrometer Accuracy:  0.01mm
  • Work Environment:  20-30℃, clean and dustfree
  • Efficiency:  1H/100pcs
  • Heating Mode: Constant Temperature Heating
  • Work for Screen Size: 7 inch and under
  • Weight: 20kg

Package includes:

  1. 1 x LCD Separator Machine
  2. 1 x power cord
  3. 2 x steel wire
  4. 2 x anti-slide mat.


Installation of steel wire:

  1. Open the machine back cover.
  2. Unscrew nut, make steel wire twine nut by looping the several times, tighten nut.
  3. Turn on the speed control unit on the side, and rotary switch set “1”, Operation Mode set “Manual”, Direction Choose set “Turn Left”, then roller will be auto rotating and twining steel wire, After 20-30 looping, make direction choose set “0”, and it would stop rotating right now.
  4. In proper order, make steel wire through left pulley, then through right pulley, finally through right roller.
  5. Pull the roller into yourself, then loosen your hand, which will make steel wire enough tight, it is important to install steel wire on the right. Make steel wire twine nut by looping the several times, tighten nut.
  6. Make direction choose set “Turn Right”,the roller will be auto rotating, the steel wire on the left will assign to right, when the steel wire on the left is most equal on the right, then  make direction choose set “0”. And installation of steel wire is done. 

Method of use:

  1. Turn on power switch, press “Set” button on temperature control twice, can adjust temperature by up button and down button. And Temperature should be set to 80 centigrade to 90 centigrade. And no need adust time control, it had been set by factory.
  2. Make Operation Mode set “Automatic”, and make Direction Choose set “0”.
  3. Turn on the speed control unit on the side, and rotary switch set “5”, which is best speed for separating assembly.
  4. Put anti-slide mat on the heating aluminum panel, align hole site.
  5. Put the screen on the middle of aluminum panel, the cover of glass is adown, then make steel wire height is lower than outer glass by adjust left and right micrometer, and steel wire is also parallel with aluminum panel, which will prevent lcd screen from damaging.
  6. After heating 2-3 minutes, Press“START” button, push broken screen by hand to cutting with constant speed and slowly, in order to avoid breaking off steel wire. After repeat it back and forth several times, then take out the lcd screen. Finally turn off the “START” button. and separator broken screen is done. 



Parts offer a 90-Day warranty. The warranty period covers any defects in the material or the workmanship of the product. Warranty does not cover any damage done while using the product. Any product returned within warranty period will be eligible for a refund or a replacement.
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