5 in 1 screwdrivers tools for Laptop,PC and Mobile Phone Repairing

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5 in 1 screwdrivers tools for Laptop,PC and Mobile Phone Repairing

Specification :

  • "+" type (2pcs) :1.5mm. 2.0mm(commonly used)
  • "*" type (2pcs) :T5. T6.(suit for mobile phone ,laptop,harddisk,printer ,XBOX,XBOX360,shaver etc..)
  • “pentagram” type

handle feature :

  1. Made from environmental and anti-static materials, anti-skid design ,keep torque .
  2. handle designs according to human body engineering,easy to use and comfortable working .
  3. screwdriver pole made of high-class CR-V ,harding treatment and black coloring .
  4. high accuracy screwdriver tip size .Top quality and wears well

Telecommunication Screwdriver tools Useage:

  1. T5 T6 can disassemble desktop computer HDD ,T8 use for HDD shell and HDD slider control part .T6 for disk axis .
  2. T10 suit for XBOX .T4 T5 suit for laptop HDD .T10 is better than T8 for Apple computer (as IBOOK screw is easy to damege )it also can use for disassemble CD-ROM
  3. commonly used tools for disassemble mobile phone :
  • "*"type screw use T3,T4,T5,T6,T7,T8 and "+"type 2.0mm or 1.5mm
  • samll "+" type screwdriver for new model moboile phone of Samsung  ,chinese mobile phone ,some Panasonic model
  • T4 for some Motorola .T5 for Motorola and NOKIA
  • T6 for all NOKIA mobile phone ,some samsung ,Motorola,Sony Ericsson 
  • "★"type screwdriver for  Panasonic and Sharp."Y" type screwdriver for PHS phone and some japenese and korea mobile phone .
  • T3:for Motorola V3 and Siemens  SL55 etc..
  • T4:for Motorola series
  • T5:for Motorola and NOKIA series
  • T6:for all NOKIA series Motorola and Samsung .most commonly used
  • T7:for sony Ericsson P800 and  Motorola 928
  • T8:for some Motorola and sony Ericsson 
  • "+" type screwdriver :1.0mm 1.5mm 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.0mm etc.. 1.5mm size for samsung mobile phone and chinese mobile phone .samll home electronic equipment and some toys 
  • "-" type screwdriver : 1.0mm .2.0mm etc.. Commonly used home tools .also can do phone shell disamble
  • Double head "U "type M2.6: U4 , “凹” type,suit for Philip air cleaner or some high-class socket
  • "★"type screwdriver :for some special screw mobile phone and PHS phone
  • "Y" type Y0 3.0 for NOKIA DC charger and others

Contact us ASAP if you need above screwdriver types as we always sell large quantity of it ,so that we can save it in stock for you .

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