2-in-1 Vacuum OCA Laminating & Air Bubble Removing Machine for 12 inch LCD Screen and Below

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  • All in One Save Space Save Power Jack
  • CE Certification, 100% No Bubble
  • Simply Push One Button to Complete Both Laminating Process and Bubble Removing Process. Work for LCD screen up to 12 inch.
  • Stable Performance. The Motor is imported from Germany in order to keep the vacuum pressure lever stable and for working long time.
  • Oil water self cycle system, reduce the problem of the solenoid, prolong the service life of the machine
  • Suitable for Small Mobile Phone Repair Shop to repair or refurbish LCD screen of mobile phone

The machine is for assembling lcd screen and digitizer / touch glass lens, and also fit for refurbishing screen. it would let assembling or refurbishing more wonderful, you just press the start button, the systems will auto remove the bubbles after lamination, it is not only convenient to repair, but also save your time and cost. It should be one of repairment facilitating devices.

Product Parameter:

  • Work for all mobile phone which LCD screen size is 12 inch or below
  • Pressing Size: 200 x 250mm
  • Work Efficiency: iPhone 4 for example, 6pcs/10min
  • Working Environment: 20-30, clean and no dust
  • Lamination Method: Plate type lamination
  • Heating method adapt size: Constant heating under 12"
  • Weight:  40 kg
  • Size: 460 x 410 x 380 mm
  • Power Voltage: AC 220V 8A / 110V 15A Optional

Package includes:

  1. 1 x Machine
  2. 1 x Power Line
  3. 1 x Press Regulator
  4. 1 x User Manual


Equipment Installation and Debugging Procedures

  1. Connect the pressure regulator
  2. Connect the power socket
  3. Open the power switch
  4. Loose the emergency stop button
  5. Let the cover of the equipment upright and put it into the working chamber
  6. Close the upper cover
  7. Tighten the four fixing-nuts
  8. Click the start button; the start light on
  9. Waiting for 10mins; the start button light off
  10. Take out the product, the procedure is completed

Process (Presure Screen) Notes:

  • Then LCD panel in the working chamber must keep the cover upright.
  • When the back of the LCD screen has a protuberant uneven row line, it is needed to be flattened before fitting.
  • The front of laminating process (with OCA LCD cover plate); can't leave air sealing between cover and LCD screen.
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